Did you know that 9 out of 10 marketers use email marketing?

It is on the rise!  You need to start using it, in case you haven't!

81% of SMBs still rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel.

Email Marketing helps you reach a global audience, and using it smartly? 

Well! That's an entirely different issue. 

We'll let you see for yourself.

In this blog, you'll be able to distinguish between the benefits and drawbacks of email marketing.

You'll be well-equipped to use it properly when you finish your reading.

How Can You Benefit From Email Marketing? 

benefits of email marketing

Easy To Define

Some marketing tactics aren't easy to track. But, when it comes to email marketing, it's much easier!

You can do so using simple metrics, and there you have it.

All you have to do is track your open rate, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, and overall return on investment (ROI).

These four metrics are the key to measuring success.

You know how many people received it and how many opened it.

You can also see how many clicked through to your links and made a purchase. 

In 2016, every dollar spent on email marketing generated $44 in revenue.

Keep that in mind! 

Not Expensive 

Who doesn't like to save money and generate more profit?

You have no advertising fees, printing or media space costs.

This makes email marketing less expensive than other alternatives. 

Don't get me wrong, you still have some expenses to pay, but they're smaller.

You'll likely have to pay for a company to send your mailings to protect your business against spam complaints.

You can also send the same promotional email to a thousand clients with some personalization.

This is important for your success in marketing your returns.

You can make your customers feel special.

Moreover, you won't spend a fortune doing it.

So, your costs are pretty low and entirely worth it.

Don't forget about segmentation, though!

Also, use surveys and quizzes to help you do that without annoying your customers.


Your mailing list is filled with people who want to engage with your products.

Seeing as they chose to subscribe, they're genuinely interested in your products and/or services.

This allows you to target people who would, in turn, benefit you!

This is more helpful when you see how scalable it is.

You decide how small or big you want your audience to be.

Your audience can be a small group of students or thousands of people from around the globe.

You can also connect with customers in real-time by using an automated trigger.

They help you reach your intended audience.

Higher conversion and sales   

When you do it right, email marketing can get you higher conversions and sales.


You can promote offers and discounts before your existing customers.

Your emails include a call to action button.

This will take customers to your product page and your offers, increasing your sales.

At the very least, it helps you drive awareness of your news and traffic to your website.

What is nice about email marketing is the availability of benchmarks.

They help you compare your results against others in your industry.

Moreover, you'll learn to prioritize.


As you can gather, email marketing helps you save time.

With the option of sending one mail to thousands, you already saved plenty of time.

Even if you hire someone to do it, all they need is personalized templates, and they're good to go.

So, you can redirect your efforts to other parts of your marketing activities.

With all that being said, you do need to know what problems you may face.


So, How can Email Marketing be a Miss?  



Your biggest issue would probably be this. But, this only happens when you overdo it!

Too many promotional and spam email messages irritate your readers. 

If you want to email your customer base, you need to receive permission from them.

Sometimes, with that permission, your emails are rendered spam. 

So, you need to make sure that your email marketing complies with privacy and data protection rules. 

However, most importantly, you have to target the right people!

Don't get random lists, and send out the same message to everyone.


This could go wrong in different ways. Why? 

Well, for starters, you can spend all your time designing your perfect email, but it isn't received the same. 

So, the design of your emails is arguably as important as the content. It has to be legible on every device. 

This could also be the other way around. How so? 

Well, you can have fantastic content, but your lack of resources might let you disregard the design. 

This will attract fewer customers.

You should also pay attention, for email marketing is not just one person's job.

For your campaign to be successful, it requires a solid strategy, data analysis, A/B testing, and proper coding

This and more! 

So, you can see that it does take effort for you to get it right! 

But don't forget that once you do, you open new profitable doors. 


Poorly designed emails may not get delivered, and poorly worded emails may get filtered out. 

It would be best to keep in mind that words like "free" or "money" could trigger the spam filter.  

This happens because some internet service providers have these filters.

So, your recipient may never see it.

Sometimes, it gets delivered, but it won't open. So, look out for the size of your mail and your mailing list. 


Due to email marketing being on the rise, so many competitors are abusing it.

This might allow your message to get lost in the many emails.

It is aggravated further by the lack of an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your mail. 

This will lead people to feel unpleasant upon reading your company's name. 

So, it's a negative warranting of recognition. And you do not want that! 

Beware of invading your customer's privacy. 

email cleanup

What now?   

After reading this, you should be better able to know the essential things you need to keep in mind. 

Use email marketing at your discretion and to your benefit!

When you look at the different ways you might bother your client, you wonder about the timing. 

When should I send my email?

Your answer will be in our next blog, so stay tuned!