Email Quality Management

Verify contact data quality
  • Analyze your email list data quality to achieve remarkable ROI with actionable insights
  • Identify good, bad, and ugly (harmful) email data
  • Identify role-based emails to remove from campaigns
  • Review old and incorrect email data
  • Detect syntax errors and typos
  • Detect domain changes
  • Detect email duplicates
  • Restore valid bounced emails to maximize conversion rates
  • Get recommendations on how to update invalid emails depending on their quality
  • Use prescriptive recommendations based on email quality to optimize email campaigns
  • Get descriptive analytics on what has happened to your email list and how to use it today
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Contact Data Enhancement

lead acquisition and qualification
  • Add missing data to lead, contact, and account records to build better profiles
  • Collect additional data points on leads, contacts, and accounts to personalize better your outreach
  • Establish attributes related to top contacts and accounts
  • Connect with your contacts preferred social media channels
  • Identify top roles and positions
  • Standardize your accounts sectors and industries
  • Differentiate between mobile and landline phone types for SMS marketing
  • Standardize postal addresses and phone numbers

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Contact Data Update

Update contact data
  • Review old and incorrect email data
  • Fix incorrect data related typos and old domains
  • Get new data on invalid emails
  • Identify new opportunities from contact data updates
  • Monitor and control a quality email and contact list
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Drive Revenue with Contact Data Quality

How much potential revenue you can create?
How much marketing cost you can save?