Email Quality Management

Starts at 125 $/month*
Broom time: 5 h/month* Personalize your offer
  • Analyze your email list data validity and hygiene
  • Identify good, bad, and ugly (harmful) email data
  • Identify role-based emails to remove from campaigns
  • Review old and incorrect email data
  • Detect syntax errors and typos
  • Detect domain changes
  • Detect email duplicates
  • Restore valid bounced emails
  • Get recommendations on how to update invalid emails depending on their quality
  • Use recommendations based on email quality to optimize email campaigns
  • Get descriptive analytics reporting on email data quality performance
  • Get new up-to-date data on obsolete emails

Contact Data Management

Starts at 250 $/month*
Broom time: 10 h/month* Personalize your offer
  • Email Quality Management plan features +
  • Verify and manage the quality for every new email in real-time
  • Complete missing attributes such as emails, phone numbers, postal addresses, and websites
  • Manage duplicate for new data entry
  • Prevent data from entering your systems unverified and incomplete
  • Update bad or incomplete records with new data
  • Identify new opportunities from lead, contact, and account data updates
  • Collect additional data on leads, contacts and accounts

*The number of hours depends on your existing number of records, their quality and the number of records you add each month.



Email Data Quality Validate, correct and restore emails

Verify my email quality

Contact Data Enrichment Verify and update contact data

Update my contact data

Company Data Enrichment Verify and update company data

Update my company data

Unblocking HubSpot Account Clean contact data

Unblock my HubSpot account

We've got your back with contact data management so you can reach and nurture your contacts.


Gain More Time


Reduce Manual Work


Improve Lead Conversions


Close More Deals

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