Save 168+ hours of manual data work each year and never miss an opportunity.

You can delegate contact data management in HubSpot to a Broomer to have more time for other activities and never miss a chance to reach your contacts.

You don't have time to do data quality checks yourself because you always have other pressing priorities. 

You neglect them and mark your contacts as lost opportunities. 

Even when you have time, it's a task that you don't like to do because it's not as exciting as your other activities.

That's why with Data Broom, you get a Broomer, a data officer, equipped with our AI platform to keep your data up-to-date in HubSpot so you can focus on your outreach, converting leads and nurturing clients.

Successful marketing and sales teams spend less time on data jobs and more time on other creative tasks. 

Do you want to free yourself from manual data work so you can be creative to explore every opportunity with your contacts?

Better Data >> Better Opportunities

Contact data management optimizes your HubSpot operations.

lead scoring

Data Management

We manage your contact data quality in HubSpot to create a unique profile view across all departments.

lead qualification

Data Verification

We validate, complete, and enrich contact data to personalize your targeting campaigns and outreach.

lead nurturing and conversion

Data Update

We keep your contact data up-to-date in HubSpot, so you don't miss an opportunity to reach out to your contacts.

Add a Broomer to your team and improve HubSpot operations and ROI

Because every contact in HubSpot counts, or else why it's there.

You don't have time to spend on manual data work.

You hate that anyway!

You always want your entire focus to be on activities that grab your leads' attention and attract them to your brand to help them with your services, products, or solutions. 

You always want your email marketing campaigns to reach all your audience, improve engagement and evaluate if you're creating and sharing the right content.

You always want to make sure your sales team has all the data they need to follow up with a lead and your customer success to follow up with a client.

You always want to update your data when a contact changes roles or companies so you can explore other opportunities in the existing account and the new company.

If one of the above situations describes you, then you're most likely a successful marketer or salesperson, and we can help you help with contact data management in HubSpot. 

8 out of 10

sales and marketers say they spend too much time on data entry


of marketers and sales use data to improve lead and client nurturing

9 in 10

marketers use data quality tools to learn more about their contacts

You, Your Team and a Broomer

I am a team leader

Improve your team's performance and revenue goals by 10 to 20% each year.

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I am a marketer

Gain 1 additionnal month each year to focus on lead generation, acquisition, qualification and nurturing.

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I am a salesperson

Gain 1 additional month each year to focus on prospecting and closing deals.

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Contacts * Conversion Rates * Lifetime Value = Revenue Opportunities

The numbers add up: Check for yourself 👇

Broomers Manage Your Contact Data Quality in HubSpot

We've got your back with contact data quality so you can reach and delight your contacts.


Gain More Time


Reduce Manual Work


Improve Lead Conversions


Close More Deals

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